Practice Areas

Intellectual Property
Services include identifying, analyzing, and protecting intellectual property, including trade secrets, patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Our expertise includes obtaining patents and trademarks, and protecting, monetizing, and enforcing intellectual property rights through litigation and licensing, and managing complex commercial litigations in state and federal courts. With respect to our intellectual property experience, our clients have operated across a number of industry sectors, including the software, computer hardware, mechanical, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.  We also represent employers and employees in disputes and litigations involving non-compete agreements.

Emerging and Growth Companies
We appreciate the unique challenges faced by emerging and growth companies. As such, we provide advice regarding entity formation, intellectual property, employment compensation and counseling, and financing issues. But we also understand that companies at all stages in their life cycle may need day-to-day legal support on various issues. As such, we also provide on-call general counsel services to small to mid-sized companies. We apply our results driven approach to help emerging and growth companies launch and build their businesses and products.

Technology and Cloud Computing
We also represent clients regarding issues involving the intersection of technology and the law, including electronic discovery and cloud computing. In the world of electronic discovery, we assist our clients with the preservation, collection, review, and production of documents.  Despite the rapidly changing case law within the world of electronic discovery, we aim always to address budgetary concerns while employing legally defensible strategies. As to advice on cloud computing, we assist our clients in navigating through the world of technology transfer agreements, servicing and outsourcing agreements, and privacy and enterprise content management issues, among others.